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MTB/Road 2014

MTB NPS Margam park, Wales

This weekend I had my first National Mountain bike race in Margam park, Wales. I arrived Friday afternoon/early evening ready for practice the following day. I did two laps and found that the course hadn't changed much since the previous year, it still had quite a bit of climbing in it and a few technical sections. Dry and hot conditions were expected through out the weekend and it certainly was on Saturday.

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GT Ellingworth 26th May road race 3,4:

This was my second proper open road race and one that I was hoping would go better than my first one (Rutland cicle classic junior race). The weather on the day was horrible with constant rain throughout the race. However, I made sure I was right behind the car in the neutral zone with my plan being to go as the flag dropped with my mate as everyone was so nervous.

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FNSS MTB race 6th June:

My second MTB race of the year and a fun one at Malory park motor race circuit. I started with the elites and was a little down off the start but kept picking them off until I was in 5th overall, with three and a half laps to go Lee Gratton caught me and I knew I just had to hold on. 

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